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Von: rocio  
An: Katja Thomsen <>
Betreff: Re: some words about the history

Hi Katja 

I will tell you a long story for you to tell your clients.

I am from Lima, the capital el Peru. Our ancestors came from Europe. Los Organos, PuntaVeleros is 1,157 km North of Lima close to the equatorial line. That is the reason it is sumer all year round. And because it doesn’t rain it is sunny.

In Lima we have cold and humid winters.  Even though we are in a subtropical region, we don’t get rain in Lima. The sun doesn’t shine much because of the Humbldt ocean current which is a cold water current that in combination with the subtropical climate and the Andes Mountains it creates a foggy wheather.

So with my family on winter vacations we always travel north from Lima looking for sun and waves.

My father who was a Marine Officer told us about this place in the north and so in July 1978 we organize a trip with my husband, daughter, friends and brothers. My father  dididn’t come. We where not sure were exactly was the beach because my father saw it from the ocean in a big ship.

When we found this beautiful beach protected from the wind with fantastic waves and sun year round......after a fantastic surf session I told my husband “ when I am old I want to retire and live here”. So we decide to bought the land from the government. We bought 15,000 m2. In 1978 and 

we began the construction of 8 houses for us, some friends and our brothers. We are 7 brothers.

It is a dream come true !!!! and just 5 years ago we decide to open our place for guests to share our paradise.


This picture of El Navegante was taken from the yatch before the construction of the shala.

I will be happy to answer any question.



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yoga am meer logo full weiss

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